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Recording/Mixing & Producers/Engineers & Audio Post

Alby Cohen is an engineer based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. His credits vary across all genres of music. Although he has relationships in various studio in the city, he recently moved into his own mixing space, Size McStudio, which is connected to a larger music and video production company...

Recording/Mixing & Producers/Engineers

Rough Magic Studios is a six-room music recording and rehearsal facility located in the heart of Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

The End

Recording/Mixing & Producers/Engineers & Original Music & Licensing

The End has 4 live rooms, 2 Control Rooms and a 1,000 sq ft performance space all wired up and crafted to achieve very different sounds for whatever vibe you are looking for. With a full kitchen/shower, art galleries and 2 outdoor lounges boasting unobstructed views of Transmitter Park and Manhattan, it is truly a one-of-a-kind-vibe.