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Recording/Mixing & Producers/Engineers & Audio Post

A little boutique audio post house with a dog (His name is Mr. Bronx). Housed along with Butter Music + Sound and Fluid NY in a sweet loft space in SoHo. For more info give a ring at 646.556.8123 or email

Brooklyn Sound Society is a full service New York audio post production facility located in downtown Brooklyn. Our work includes feature dramatic films, shorts, documentaries, animation, web projects, as well as museum & gallery sound design & installation and consultation...

Times Square

Audio Post

SkinnyMan is a full-service production & post-production studio, conveniently located in the heart of Manhattan’s Times Square. We combine the comfort and amenities of a large facility with the creative flexibility of a boutique house.

Dubway Studios
Financial District

Recording/Mixing & Audio Post

Dubway Studios is a state-of-the-art audio facility, specializing in music production, audio post, and remote recording. An integral part of the New York recording scene since the 1980’s, Dubway has expanded into one of the finest full-service facilities in NYC.


Audio Post

Henryboy is an award-winning sound design collective started in 2008 by Bill Chesley and Kate Gibson. We make sound for things that don’t have a sound, and make things that have a sound, sound better. We believe that sound design, regardless of application, is often underrated -- good sound design will make your film look better, every time...

Nutmeg Post

Audio Post

Nutmeg Post is in the business of providing the highest quality audio and video post production. Located in the heart of Manhattan, just steps away from Grand Central, Times Square and Broadway Theaters. We provide recording and mixing for TV and Radio spots, promos, long format and ADR for film and TV in our 11 studios...

Gramercy Post

Audio Post

EMMY-winning audio post-production facility catering to high-level television, film, trailer and advertising clientele.

Sonic Union
Union Square

Recording/Mixing & Audio Post

Steve Rosen, Michael Marinelli, and Adam Barone got together for a few pints in 2007. After way too many of those, they hatched an audacious plan that would eventually give rise to Sonic Union in late 2008 - their 8,000 square foot audio mix playground, and home away from home overlooking Union Square.

Crown Heights

Audio Post

Independent artist and CEO of Explicit Kontent Enterprise founded in 2009. Music rap style consist of east coast 90s mafioso/NY trap/spit fiyah. Fully motivated when it comes to writting for myself and others. I have multiple artist that also have their own ventures...

Audio Post

Voice of the NBC Sports Radio Network and Radio/TV stations worldwide. 2005 NYC Creative Services Director of the Year at Clear Channel's WKTU.

Recording/Mixing & Producers/Engineers & Audio Post & Original Music & Licensing

Hyperbolic Audio is an audio post facility, located in the heart of midtown NYC. Client services are paramount, taking place within our Walters-Storyk and Orchard Design customized studios. Our spacious VO rooms are truly special places, where talent loves to work and the results are world class...

Yessian NYC
East Vilage

Recording/Mixing & Audio Post & Original Music & Licensing

Talent. Imagination. Skill. And the passion to bring it all together.Yessian is a global collective of producers, composers, sound designers, mixers, music supervisors and recording artists.

Jeremy Johnston
Armory Square

Recording/Mixing & Producers/Engineers

Producers/Engineers & Original Music & Licensing


Owner and operator of Virtue And Vice Studios and former chief engineer at The Cutting Room studios. Learning along side legends like Steve Lillywhite and Eddie Kramer. With Platinum records and over 10 Grammy Nominations. Check website for an extensive credit list.

Producers/Engineers & Original Music & Licensing

David Homyk is a songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist who's original work as a pop rock artist has reached the iTunes charts, and who's songwriting and production work spans a wide client list including Beyonce Knowles and her sister Solange.

Room 17 Studio

Recording/Mixing & Producers/Engineers

With Room 17 we set out to create a space that would empower a flourishing music community and provide a creative space for extraordinary music and art to be made. We have one of the largest tracking rooms in the NYC area with multiple large Iso's, a Vintage Trident 40 channel Series 80 console and an Otari MTR90II 24 Track Tape machine.

Recording/Mixing & Producers/Engineers

"Sound Spa Productions" is the recording enterprise of Stephen DeAcutis a veteran Engineer/mixer/multi instrumentalist who's strengths lie in bringing out the highest level of musicianship in every artist and capturing and documenting heartfelt and honest performances...

Recording/Mixing & Producers/Engineers

Analog and digital gear. Lots of mics, guitar amps, hardware, software

Recording/Mixing & Producers/Engineers & Original Music & Licensing

Hey I am Denis. I work as a composer, sound/mixing engineer, producer. I also play in the band THE CLOX. You can check our stuff on web.