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Recording/Mixing & Producers/Engineers

A short trip from Manhattan will bring you to 440 Sound Studios, a 2 room facility focusing on recording, mixing and music production. An SSL 4000 G+ resides within a George Augspurger-designed control room and 1,500 sq. ft. of various tracking spaces can accomodate any recording situation.

Excello Recording

Recording/Mixing & Producers/Engineers

Excello is a one-of-a-kind recording studio in Williamsburg, with a large 1,000 sq. ft. tracking room (with 17 ft. ceiling and skylights) and deep collection of analog gear, tape machines, instruments and amps.

MSR Studios

Recording/Mixing & Producers/Engineers & Audio Post

Located in the heart of midtown Manhattan, the facility at MSR North houses three large format mixing/tracking rooms, an extensive collection of vintage microphones, and a rich history of NYC record making - ranging from classical/Broadway recordings to multi-platinum, Grammy Award winning pop/rock, jazz, and urban recordings.


Recording/Mixing & Mastering & Producers/Engineers

A Music and Entertainment Company built on the love of music, quality service, innovation, fun and a sense of making a difference. The brand includes the award winning production, recording, mixing and mastering studios in Harlem, artist management and development division, marketing and events division and a live concert streaming division.

The Clubhouse
Upstate New York


The Clubhouse is a residential recording complex designed and built from the ground up for the purpose of crafting world-class records. The studio and on-site accommodations are situated just outside the town of Rhinebeck, and minutes from the Amtrak station. Clients have access to an extensive collection of vintage and modern gear.

Water Music


Established in 1982 amid the Hoboken indie music wave of that era (the dBs, the Feelies, Yo La Tengo, Joe Jackson), Water Music is one of the area's longest-running recording studios and one of its most distinctive - offering large ensemble tracking rooms, Neve and API consoles, custom Augspurger monitoring, and client residences.

Strange Weather

Recording/Mixing & Producers/Engineers

A recording studio

Avatar Studios
Midtown West

Recording/Mixing & Mastering & Producers/Engineers & Audio Post

Avatar Studios has been a recording studio of choice in NYC for over 30 years. The 33,000 sq. ft. facility houses four studios containing Neve 8088, Neve VRP, and two SSL 9000 J consoles, and a rooftop deck for clients. Studio A can accommodate up to 70 musicians and is regarded as one of the best acoustic spaces in America.

The Bunker Studio

Recording/Mixing & Producers/Engineers

The Bunker Studio is a 3,000 square foot recording studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn NYC that is owned and operated by musician/engineers John Davis and Aaron Nevezie. We are committed to preserving the art and science of analog recording and mixing, and understand the needs of musicians in terms of sound, space, and sightlines...

Recording/Mixing & Producers/Engineers

Located in a 100-year-old stone church on Lake Hopatcong, the Barber Shop Studios is a recording and mixing facility with two control rooms and a large tracking room with cathedral ceilings. This is maybe the only studio in the world with an Italian restaurant located right on the premises...