New York

A Bloody Good Record

  • 44-02 11th Street
  • Long Island City NY 11101
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The Scoop

Owned and operated by musician and producer Mark Law, A Bloody Good Record is a well-equipped, comfortable and budget-friendly recording studio.

ROOM RATES with ENGINEER (hourly): Contact for Rates
Clients/Credits: The Defibulators, Lisa Barron, Icewagon Flu
Key Staff / In-House or Associated Talent: Mark Law


Consoles, DAWs, Tape Machines: Pro Tools HD4, Dangerous 2-Bus, Avid Command 8
Live Room Dimensions: Medium: 351 – 750 sq ft,
Outboard Gear: Great River MP2NV, Neve Portico Channel Strip (2), Daking Mic-Pre/EQ, API 3124 (drummers dozen), UA 2-610 dual mic pre, SSL G FX 384, Teletronix UA LA2A, Daking FET 11 (2), Purple MC77 (2), API 2500, Distressor (2), Chandler Germanium Compressor, Pod XT Pro, Bass Pod Pro
Microphones: AKG C12VR, Neumann M147, Neumann TLM 103 (2), Royer 121, AKG C414 (3), Sennheiser 441, AKG C451 (2), Baby Blue, Shure KSM 32, Electro-Voice RE20, AKG D 112, Audix D 6, Sennheiser MD 421 (3), Shure SM 57
Monitoring: Avocet Discrete, Class A Studio Controller, JBL LSR 4328P, Tannoy subwoofer, Yamaha NSP5, Furman HDS 6+5 stations
Software: Pro Tools 9, Waves API, SSL and Maserati, SoundToys, Reason Pianos, Abbey Road Keys
Instruments & Amps: Egnater Amp, Fender Pro Reverb, Fender 100 Bassman, Mesa Boogie Single Rectefier, Mesa Boogie 50 Cal, Fender Blues Jr Pro, Marshall Bass Amp, Rickenbacker 4001, Fender Tele, Fender Jazz Bass, Fender P-Bass, DeArmond Guitar, Studio Logic 88 Key, Fully Weighted Controller, Yamaha 1970's Birch Drum Set