New York

Creepy Bird Studio

  • 34-52 59 Street
  • New York City NY 11377
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The Scoop

A semi-pro / project studio that specializes in vocal recordings, mixing, original music production, and synth production (especially vintage analog). The studio boasts a nice collection of classic, vintage analog synths as well.

ROOM RATES with ENGINEER (hourly): $20-40,
Clients/Credits: The Statue of David, Almamy, JMI, Principal Dean, JD Supreme, B-Serious
Associated/Partnered With: The Statue of David
Key Staff / In-House or Associated Talent: Cristopher "H.C." Rodriguez
Special Features: Extremely competitive rates. $200 for 10 hour day recordings. $30/hr. Has a nice collection of vintage synths: Oberheim OB-8, Minimoog, TB-303, TR-808, LinnDrum, DMX, DrumTrax, Juno 106, Korg Poly 6, Mutronics Mutator. Good mic chain for vocals: Neumann U87ai, Great River Preamp, API 5500 eq, Neve Portico compressor, Rosetta 800.


Consoles, DAWs, Tape Machines: Logic 9, Ableton Live. Reason.
Live Room Dimensions: Small: 350 sq ft or less,
Outboard Gear: Apogee Rosetta 800, MOTU 828mkii, Chandler Ltd. Channel Strip MkII, Purple Audio MC77, Great River MP-4, Hand Crafted Labs Affinity A2, Mutronics Mutator, Roland SDE-1000, Alesis Midiverb II
Microphones: Neumann U87ai, Shure SM57 (2), Shure SM58, Sennheiser MD441.
Monitoring: Yamaha NS-10's, Adam A7's, Sennheiser HD 280 Pro’s (2), Sony MDR-6506 (2). Audio Technica headphones.
Software: Logic Pro 9, Digital Performer 7, Propellerhead Reason 5.0, FXpansion BFD2, Antares Autotune, Celemony Melodyne Editor, Softube Bundle, Sony Oxford Plugins, Waves Mercury Bundle, Native Instruments Guitar Rig 3, Native Instruments FM7, Soundtoys, Voxengo, and more!
Instruments & Amps: Emery Sound Superbaby with Weber Blue Dog Alnico 30 W speaker (sounds great!), vintage Fender Princeton reverb tube amp, Peavey KB300, Gibson Custom Shop 1957 Les Paul (sounds great!), G&L ASAT Classic, G&L SB-2, G&L LB100, Fender Japanese 1980?s Stratocaster, Martin D-5, lots of guitar effects boxes, Shepherd Bagpipes, Oberheim OB-8, Minimoog, TB-303, TR-808, LinnDrum, DMX, DrumTrax, Juno 106, Korg Poly 6.