New York

East Side Sound

  • 150 Forsyth St.
  • New York NY 10002
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The Scoop

Established in 1972, EastSide Sound is the longest running recording studio in the Lower East Side of New York City. There are many reasons for that! Many Gold, Platinum and Grammy award winning records have come out of EastSide Sound over the last 40+ years and some of the top artists in NYC and the world trust EastSide Sound with their sound

ROOM RATES with ENGINEER (hourly): $60-80, $100-$150, Contact for Rates
Clients/Credits: Lou Reed, John Zorn, Les Paul, Sting, Joe Claussell, MeShell Ndegeocello, Laurie Anderson, Oceanographer, Peter Frampton, Joss Stone, Santana, Beyonce, The The, Terry Clark, Pat Metheny, Hula, Arch Baddies, Johnny Rzeznik, Eric Clapton, Louis Hayes, Chihiro Yamanaka, The Weight, Buddy Guy, Jeff Beck, Vincent Herring, Larry Ochs, Elysian Fields, Horacee Arnold, Beth Hart, Herbie Hancock, Chico Freeman, Frank London, Silver Rockets, Nilson Matta, Mariah Carey, Brian McKnight, Grady Tate, Slavic Soul Party, Arthur and the Coopers, Summer Lawns, Luther Vandross, M.A.T.H., Steve Torre, Alex Foster, The Killing Feilds, Paul Duncan and many many more
Special Features: EastSide Sound is the ONLY studio in the entire of New York which has 6 iso booths and a live room which allows 7 musicians to play together, at the same time, while watching each other with great sight lines and individual headphone mixes they can control. This allows musicians to retain the vibe and feel of a great performance while having (if so desired) total acoustic isolation (ie no leakage) between all the players. EastSide Sound is the only studio in New York which has a Total Recall 100% analog console with digital automation. This allows clients to digitally automate every aspect of a mix (faders, EQs, sends, dynamics etc) without ever having to compromise the warmth and integrity of the analog sound because the sound never gets converted into digital bits. EastSide Sound has a booth that is large enough for a full drum set or our grand piano. This booth has a big glass door which allows us to move the piano in and out of the booth. If you want a big drum sound with the drums in the live room we can put the piano in the booth. If your focus is on the piano we can keep the drums in the booth. Total versatility. EastSide Sound has a world class staff of engineers and producers whose work has been awarded multiple with Grammy Awards.


Consoles, DAWs, Tape Machines: Harrison Series 10B, Digidesign Control 24, Pro Tools HDX, Avid HD I/Os, Pro Tools HD3
Outboard Gear: Altec 436c, Altec 1612a, Altec 1591a, dbx 166xl, Empirical Labs Distressor EL8-X, Universal Audio Teletronix LA-2A, Universal Audio LA-3A, Universal Audio Pair LA-4, UREI 1176LN, Ampex 351, Ampex 602, API 3124, API 512c, Altec 1566, Altec 1591, Altec 1612a, dbx 586, Harrison Mic Preamps, Summit TPA-200B, TF Pro - Studio Channel, Trident B range, Trident Flexi-mix, UREI 610, Vintech X73, BBE 202R, Demeter Spring Reverb, Electrix FilterFactory, Electrix MoFX, Lexicon 480L, Lexicon 300, Lexicon PCM 81, Lexicon PCM 60, Line 6 Echo Pro, Sony MU-R201, TC Electronic Fireworx
Microphones: (2) AKG C1000s, AKG C414 (matched pair), AKG C3000B, AKG D12, AKG SoldTube, AudioTechnica AT4033/SE, (2) AudioTechnica AT4047/SV, Beyer M320, Beyer M160N, Beyer MC740N, Beyer Soundstar X1N, Coles 4038 Ribbon, Electro-Voice RE20, Electro-Voice PL10, Electro-Voice RE200, Groove Tube - Model 1, JZ Black Hole, JZ BT201|3, Microtech Gefell M940, Microtech Gefell M92, Microtech Gefell UM70, Microtech Gefell GMBH, Neumann U67, Neumann U47 Fet, Neumann Gefell UM57, Oktava MK-319, Oktava MN-52-02, (2) Oktava MK-219, Oktava MKN - 2500, (3) Oktava MC012, (2) Rode NT 2000, Rode NT4, Rode K2, (2) Rode NT5, RCA KU-3A Ribbon, Sennheiser MD421, Sennheiser E602, Sennheiser Black Fire 509, (2) Shure KSM32, Shure Beta 91 PZM, Shure 315 Ribbon, (3) Shure SM57, (3) Shure SM81, Shure Sonodyne 51s, (2) Studio Projects C1, Studio Projects T3, Telefunken MD421, Telefunken M510, Yahmaha Subkick
Monitoring: Augsperger Mains (with two subs), Focal Twin6 Be, Genelec 1032A, KRK V4, ProAcs, Yamaha MSP5, Yamaha SW10, Yamaha NS10
Software: Pro Tools 10, Absynth 2, Access Virus, Access Virus Indigo, Antares Auto-Tune 4 (TDM), Amp Farm, Ampeg SVX, Amplitube 2, Bruno/Reso, Cambridge EQ, Classik Studio Reverb, Crystallizer, D-Fi, DigiTranslator, DINR, Drawmer GCL, SoundToys, EchoBoy, FilterFreak, Focusrite d2/d3, Garritan Personal Orchestra, iLife, Kontakt 2, Line 6 Amp Farm HD, Maxim, McDSP CompressorBank HD, McDSP FilterBank HD, Melodyne studio 3, Miroslav Philharmonik, PhaseMistress, PitchDoctorHD, Pro Tools HD 7, Pultec EQP-1A EQ, PurePitchHD, Reason 3.0, Reverb One, Roxio Toast, Jam, Soft SampleCell, SoundBlenderHD, SoundReplacer, Spectrosonics Atmosphere, Spectrosonics Trilogy, Spectrosonics Stylus, Speed, Tremolator, T-RackS, UA 1176LN/SE, URS A series/N series EQ, VocAlign, Waves Platnum Bundle
Instruments & Amps: 1977 Steinway 'B' Grand Piano, 88 Key Fender Rhodes Electric Keyboard, Roland Fantom X7, 1984 Fender Stratocaster, 1992 Gibson Les Paul studio Gibson SG 67, Yamaha APX-4A Acoustic guitar, Taylor 12 String Acoustic Guitar, Tacoma Nylon 6 String Acoustic Guitar, Music Man Stingray 5 String Bass, Fender Vibro Champ 1965 Guitar Amp, Silvertone 1432 Guitar Amp '59, Messa Boogie Lonestar Special, Line 6 Vetta II Combo, Rogers WMP mid 60's Holiday set, Toms -9x13-16x16, 2 Kicks 14x20- 15x22, Rogers 5x14 Powertone COB, Toms 8x12-14x14-16x16 Kick 14x20, Ludwig & Slingerland wood snares 5x14, 20" inch ride Zyl, 18" crash Med. Zyl, 15" Hi Hats