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The Scoop

FINGERPAINT EXPANDS AUDIO AND VIDEO SERVICES. Cotton Hill brings its vivid audio and video brilliance to the vibrant Fingerpaint palette, making our videos even brighter and our messaging ever clearer. Ready to turn up your marketing? Cool. How loud do you like it?

ROOM RATES with ENGINEER (hourly): Contact for Rates
Clients/Credits: CDPHP, EYP, Fidelis Care, First National Bank, FYE, id29, Mountain View Group, MVP, NY Best,Partners + Simons, Price Chopper, Rueckert Advertising, St Peter's Hospital, SUNY Albany, Times Union, Trans World Entertainment, Warren County Tourism, Frank Adams, The College of St. Rose, Zone 5
Special Features: Grand Piano, Trident 80C console


Consoles, DAWs, Tape Machines: Trident 80C 32×24 Console, Digidesign Pro Tools HD
Outboard Gear: 2 – Neve 1073 Mic-pre/EQs, 2 – Neve 33115 Mic-pre/EQs, 2 – Focusrite ISA110 Mic-pre/EQs, D.W. Fearn VT1 Mic Pre, 2 – Shadow Hills Mono GAMA Mic Pre, 2 – Avedis MA5 Mic Pre, 2 – Avedis E27 Equalizer, Langevin Dual Vocal Combo, 2 – Urei 1176LN Limiters, 2 – Urei LA4 Compressor/Limiters, Summit Audio TLA 100A Tube Limiter, Summit Audio EQP200A Equalizer, CraneSong STC-8, Compressor/Limiter, Empirical Labs EL8-XS Distressor, 2 – DBX 160 VU Compressor/Limiters, Lexicon 300M Reverb, 2 – Lexicon PCM 42’s, Eventide, H3000SEV, Avalon U5 Mono DI, Telos Zephyr ISDN, Gentner Telephone Hybrid Phone Patch
Microphones: Neumann, AKG, Beyer, Sennheiser, Astatic, Crown, Shure, Electro-Voice, Pearl, and Crate
Monitoring: Genelec 1030A, Tannoy FSM and PBM series, Yamaha NS-10's, Auratone Cubes, Aviom Personal Headphone System
Software: Digidesign, Pro Tools HD, Waves, Izotope, Audioease, Antares, Sonnox, McDSP, Final Cut, Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects
Instruments & Amps: Yamaha C7 Grand Piano