New York

Fireplace Studios

  • 23 East 31st Street
  • 14th Floor, Penthouse North
  • New York NY 10016
  • Website

The Scoop

Founded by former Sony engineer Gabriel Schwartz in 2006, Fireplace is the central flagship room in a penthouse full of independent recording studios.

ROOM RATES with ENGINEER (hourly): Contact for Rates
Clients/Credits: Spoon, Ted Leo, Travis Barker, B-52s, Jack Dou­glas, Michel Gondry, Ad Rock, Bruce Willis, Johnny Rzeznick, Ster­ling Campell, Andrew WK, Bear Hands, Matisyahu, Tragic Toys, Hunters, DMC (Run DMC), Peter Bjorn and John, Ra Ra Riot, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Phantogram, Kenan Bell, Hesta Prynn, Uni­ver­sal Records Wind Up Records, Sony/BMG, Reynolds Record­ing Co., Island Def Jam, Pixar
Key Staff / In-House or Associated Talent: Gabriel Schwartz, Chuck Brody
Special Features: Lounge, Kitchen, Rooftop Access, Central Manhattan Location


Consoles, DAWs, Tape Machines: Focus­rite Con­trol 24, Pro Tools HD3, Mac G5
Outboard Gear: API 512C, Uni­ver­sal Audio 2–610, Manley Voxbox, Avalon 737, Focus­rite Red 7, Focus­rite ISA 430, UA 1176 Black­face, UA 1176 Sil­ver­face, LA-2A, Tube Tech CL2A, DBX 160X, Avalon 747, Drawmer Quad Gate, API 550B, API 560, Lang PEQ 2, DBX 120 Sub Harmonic, Tube Tech SSA 2a Sum­ming Amplifier, Akai MPC 2000, Roland Space Echo, Holy Grail Reverb, Electro-Harmonix Big Muff, Ibanez Tube Screamer, Ibanez LA Metal, MXR Dyna­comp, MXR Phase 90, Boss DD5 Dig­i­tal Delay, Boss Super Chorus, Boss Super Octave, Boss Metal Zone, Boss Fuzz, Boss Chro­matic Tuner, Elec­tronix Fuss Drive, Proco RAT, DOD Enve­lope Filter, Tweed Snarling Dog Overdrive, Korg Clas­sic Overdrive, Line 6 POD, Tri­ton Rack, Roland 5080, Roland D550, Nova­tion Supernova, MOTU Midi Timepiece, Pro­teus 2000
Microphones: Neu­mann U87, Neu­mann KM84, AKG 412, AKG D12, Blue Baby Bot­tle, Gefell M300, Beyer M160, Shure SM 81, Sennheiser 421, Shure SM7, Shure Beta 52, Shure SM 57, AKG D112, Shure SM 58, Electro-Voice Model 664, Vin­tage Bul­let Mic Model VR 64
Monitoring: Gen­elec 1031, Yamaha NS 10, Adam A7X, PMC 1B2, Tan­noy PS 350B Subwoofer, Brys­ton 4B SST, Hafler Pro2400, Tascam CD-RW 2000, Tas­cam DA-40 DAT Player
Software: Waves Plat­inum Bundle, Sony Oxford Bundle, Altiverb, Echo Farm, Auto-Tune, Ana­log Factory, XLN Audio Addic­tive Drums + Retro Adpak
Instruments & Amps: 1960’S Lud­wig Drum Kit, Yamaha Six Piece Drum Set, assorted percussion and cymbals, Hard­man Upright Piano, Fender Rhodes Sev­en­ty Three Suit­case, Moog Opus 3, Moog Rogue, Roland Juno 60, Roland Juno X2, Korg Poly-Ensemble S, Casio CZ-1, Yamaha DX7, Yamaha TX7, Wurl­itzer Pump Organ, Fender Stra­to­caster, Fender Tele­caster, Sil­ver­tone Electric Gui­tar, Takamine 6 string acoustic guitar, Yamaha FG 405 acoustic guitar, Fender Pre­ci­sion Bass, Rick­en­baker 4001 Bass, Mar­tin Acoustic 4 string bass, Vox AC30, Peavy Clas­sic 30, Fender Super Reverb, Fender Deluxe, Reverb, Fender Con­cert, Sil­ver­tone Gui­tar Case Amp, Peavey Prac­tice Amp, Ampeg B15, Ampeg B5R, SWR Triad Cabinet, Mar­shall 4x12 Cabinet