New York

Let 'Em In

  • 540 President Street
  • Suite 2C
  • Brooklyn NY 11215
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The Scoop

Nadim Issa opened Let Em In with the goal of giving musicians and producers the opportunity to hunker down and experiment in a comfortable and homey setting; to forget the clock; to give their music the time it deserves. The studio features an ample 450 square-foot live room with 13’ ceilings, a comfortable 22’x15’ control room, and a lounge.

ROOM RATES with ENGINEER (hourly): $40-60, Contact for Rates
Clients/Credits: Sharon Van Etten, Milagres, Sean Bones, Dinowalrus, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, Gabriel & the Hounds, Ava Luna, Julie Doiron, Dinosaur Feathers, Shark?, Alina Simone, Will Stratton, Soft Black, Julia Nunes, Jean on Jean, Magic Eyez, The Ludlow Thieves, Barton Stanley David, Goes Cube, Simone Stevens, Coyote Eyes, Mancino, Nyle, Frauke, Moser’s Gambit, Chop Shop, Karma Versa, William Johnson
Key Staff / In-House or Associated Talent: Nadim Issa, Zach McNees, Felix McTeigue


Consoles, DAWs, Tape Machines: Apogee Symphony IO (24 in/24 out), Pro Tools HD, Logic Pro, Euphonix MC Mix Controller, UAD Plugins
Live Room Dimensions: Medium: 351 – 750 sq ft,
Outboard Gear: Great River NV, API 3124, Universal Audio 2-610, ADL 600, Focusrite ISA428, Onyx 800R, Radial DI boxes, DBX 160x Compressor
Microphones: Neumann U87 (vintage 1969), Rode K2 tube, Beyerdynamic m130 ribbon mic, Beyerdynamic m160 ribbon mic, AKG 414B XLS, Beyerdynamic mc930 (2), Audio-Technica 4033 (2), Sennheiser MD421 (2), Rode NT5 (2), Shure SM7, Electrovoice RE20, Cascade Fathead II (2), AKG D112, Studio Projects C1, Shure SM57 (4)
Monitoring: Dynaudio BM5As, Yamaha NS10s, Mackie HR824 mk IIs, Furman HDS-6 Headphone monitoring system
Software: Pro Tools HD, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Reason, Max/MSP, UAD 2-Powered Plugins
Instruments & Amps: Perzina 51" Upright Piano (big, warm, full sounding), Fender Rhodes MkI 73 Suitcase, Yamaha Tenori-On drum machine/sequencer, Nord Lead 3, Roland Juno 60, Nord Electro, Roland SPD-S (Electric Drum Pads), Technics Digital Piano, Fender Jaguar, Fender Tele, Guild Acoustic (1968 D-40), Fender P-Bass, Ludwig 1968 drum kit (earthy-sounding kit), Yamaha Recording Custom kit '82 (big and punchy), Ludwig Black Beauty (6.5") and other assorted snares, Ampeg B-15N flip top bass amp (1970, a classic), Fender Champ (1960s black face), Fender Princeton Reverb (1971 silver face), Fender Ultra Chorus, Roland Jazz Chorus 77, Carvin KB1015 keyboard/bass amp, Small Marshall,