New York

Mozart Studio

The Scoop

Mozart Studio is a professional audio recording studio, with expanded capability. It is built for a traditional album production, MIDI production, stereo or surround mixing, and professional mastering. It is owned and operated by an Engineer/Producer with over 23 years of experience in recording/producing process.

ROOM RATES with ENGINEER (hourly): $60-80,


Consoles, DAWs, Tape Machines: Mixer - Metering Trident Vector 432, 48 Frame, 42 mono, 2 stereo and 3 Dynamic modules. DK Audio MSD600++ ENHANCED (3xAES/Analog IN, 3xAES/Analog OUT) Pro Tools: Pro Tools Software V. 10 Pro Tools HD6 Accel Big Ben Apogee Ultimate Digital Clock Generator Crane Song HEDD 192 Apogee AD16X with HD-x Card Installed Apogee DA16X with HD-x Card Installed (x2) Apogee AD8000 SE With AMBUS HD (x 2) Digidesign 192 I/O Expanded Digidesign 192 Digital Magma PE6R4 Expansion Chassis Apple Power Mac G5 2 x 3 GHz Quad - (8)Core Intel Xeon 10 GB RAM Kingston StorCase Infostation SCSI 9x73 GB Hard Drives OWC External FW 500GB HD (x5) OWC 1 TB Mirrored Drive Backup 2/8/24 Track Recorder - Players: MCI JH-24 2" - 24 Track Tape Machine HHD CDR-830 PLUS PRO CD Recorder Panasonic SV3700 DAT Dennon Professional MD Recorder Tascam 122 MK III Cass Deck Tascam DA-78HR Adat XT
Live Room Dimensions: Medium: 351 – 750 sq ft,
Outboard Gear: Mic Pre - Channel Strips: Neve Dan Alexander Dual Mic Pre Heritage Neve 1073/500 (x2) Millennia HV-3C Stereo M & K Prototype Stereo High Class "A" Mic Pre Classic API VP26 (x6) Classic API VP28 (x2) API 512C Mic-Pre (x2) API 512b Mic-Pre (x2) AEA TRP - The Ribbon Mic Pre (2ch) NEVE N72 (Seventh Circle Audio)(x6) J99 (Seventh Circle Audio Twin Servo (John Hardy) Mic Pre)(x2) Demeter VTMP-2b TUBE Mic-Pre (x2, 4ch) Focusrite RED7 Mic-Pre/Comp (x2) D&R Mic-Pre (x2) Dynamic - EQ Outboard: API 525 (x2) API 550B (x3) Pendulum Audio OCL-500 Anamod ADL-660 Rupert Neve 543 compressor Neve 1084 EQ (x2) Focusrite RED 3 Dual Comp/Limit Focusrite RED 2 Dual Parametric EQ Purple Audio MC 76 (1176) Urei 1176 Rev. A Blue Stripe (x4) Pultec EQP-1A (x4) Universal Audio LA-2A Summit Audio TCL-50 Mono Tube Compressor DBX 160A (x2) DBX 160X Drawmer Dual Gate DS201 Reverbs/EFX: Lexicon PCM96 x 2 TC Electronics M3000 Eventide DSP4000 Lexicon PCM 90 Lexicon PCM 60 Lexicon LXP 15II Yamaha SPX2000 Dynacord DRP20 Ensoniq DP/4+ Line 6 Echo Pro Studio Modeler Roland SDE-3000A Digital Delay (x2)
Microphones: Microphone Collection: Neumann M149 - 75 Jubilee edition, Matched Pair Neumann SM69 Stereo Vintage Neumann UM 57 Vintage Tube Neumann U87i Vintage, 1969 Neumann U87Ai (Matched Pair) Neumann U47 (FET) (Vintage, Matched Pair) Neumann KM184 (Two Matched Pairs) Neumann KM84 Vintage DPA 3511 (matched pair of 4011-TL, Stereo SET!) EV RE-10 AKG D-112 Sennheiser MD441-2 (x3) Sennheiser MD-421 (x3) Sennheiser E-602 Sennheiser E-604 (x4) Coles 4038 Royer 121 Matched Pair Ribbon Beyerdynamic M88 Beyerdynamic M201 TG Shure SM7b Shure SM57 (x5) Shure Beta57 (x2) Shure SM58 (x4) Shure Beta SM58 Shure Beta 52 (x2) Shure Beta 98 Audix i5 Oktava MK-219 MXL 990 (x2) MXL 991 (x2) MXL 603 (x2) SONY ECM-959DT Yamaha SUB KICK Custom Made Speaker Sub/Mic
Monitoring: Speaker Monitors - Stereo/Headphones System Crane Song AVOCET Monitor Controller Klein & Hummel O410 (x2) Klein & Hummel O300 (x2) Dynaudio BM 15A (x2) JBL LSR 6328P (x2) Yamaha NS10 (x2) Auratones 5C Super-Sound-Cubes TOA 22-ME-AV (x2) Audix PH-5 VS Bryston 4B-ST Symetrix 220 Amp (x2) Cue System: Furman HDS-16/HRM-16
Software: Software: Pro Tools Up-To-Date Version (V.10) Cubase Up-To-Date Version Logic Pro Up-To-Date Version Nuendo (PC) Reason Up-To-Date Version Gigastudio Up-To-Date Version Audioease Barbabatch Audio file Format Conversion Roxio Toast Up-To-Date Version Final Cut Studio Bundle Up-To-Date Version Retrospect Backup Up-To-Date Version Sibelius
Instruments & Amps: MIDI Gear: Roland Integra 7 Korg Triton Rack Roland D-50 Synth With PG-1000 Programmer Korg M1 Keyboard Alesis S4 Sound Module Yamaha Motif ES Rack Module Yamaha TG-55 Sound Module Roland A-70 MIDI Contr/Keyboard E-MU E6400 ULTRA/Expanded Fatar Studiologic Controller M-Audio Oxigen-8 Controller MOTU MIDI Timepiece AV Interface Emagic AMT 8 MIDI Interface 8x8 Instruments - Amplifiers - Tuners: Great Sounding Acoustic Grand Piano: European Hand Made Grand Piano Weinbach (Petrof) 6'4" & Matching bench Model 192 Peterson V Strobe Tuner Fender Jeff Beck Signature Stratocaster Gibson Les Paul Custom Gibson Les Paul P-90 pickups Vintage Fender 1977 Precision Bass Vintage Fender 1978 Jazz Bass Music Man StingRay Bass Rickenbacker Bass Tobias Fretless 5 strings bass Jean Larivee 05 Acoustic Guitar & Fishman Onboard Blender Radulovic Hand Made 5STR Bass Mesa Dual Rectifier Road King II Head Marshall JCM800 1988 50W Head Marshall JCM800 (Canadian) 1982 100W Head Marshal Slant 1972 4x12 Cabinet Marshall bottom 4x12 1972 Cabinet Marshall 1960B 4x12 Cab (2xV30 &2x Greenbacks) Marshall 1936 LEAD 2x12 V30 Cabinet Fender Bassman VIntage 4x10 Tone King Meteor Series II 1x12 20W Ashdown EVO 500 II Bass Amplifier Ashdown 2x10 Bass Cabinet Sans Amp RBI Rack Bass DIR/PRE Ampeg SVT- RV Classic Reissue 300W Ampeg V4 Head (Vintage) 100W Ampeg B-25 All Tube Bass head (Vintage) 50W Ampeg SVT810E Classic Cabinet Ampeg 8x10 Vintage 1967 Cabinet, Original Ampeg SVT 210HE Classic 2x10 Cabinet Hartke 2x10 Bass Cab. Peterson V Strobe Tuner Bose Tuners (x2) DW Collectors Series 7 pcs set (10, 12,14,16 22" BD) Mapex Saturn Set, 12",13"16" 22" Bass Ludwig 70's SET 24" Bass 13", 14",15", and 16" Toms, no bot. heads Yamaha Recording Custom 22' BD Ludwig Black Beauty, Tube lugs Vintage Ludwig Snare Supersonic 6.5" Vintage Ludwig Snare Supersensitive 5" Ludwig Wood Piccolo Snare Mapex 6.5 14" Maple Snare Pearl Snare Chad Smith Signature Premiere Pop Corn 10" Snare Paiste, Zildjan, Sabian Evolution Cymbals Gibartar Rack Drums Hardware