New York

The Scoop

Augustus came up at London's Mayfair Studio in the 90's mixing records for artists including Neneh Cherry, Underworld, Sneaker Pimps, EMF. As an independent producer/engineer and composer he has worked with artists such as Scott Matthew, Jasper James, Keith Shocklee, Lydia Baylis, and has composed music for 100's of TV commercials and Films.

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Clients/Credits: Neneh Cherry - Recording engineer Album "Man", EMF- Mixing Engineer Album "Cha Cha Cha", Sneaker Pimps- Mixing Engineer Album "Becoming X", Underworld- Mixing Engineer Remix "Why Don't You Take Me", Level 42- Mixing Engineer Remix "Love In A Peaceful World", Neneh Cherry- Mixing Engineer Remix "Trouble Man", Bruce Dickinson - Recording Engineer "Skunkworks", Scott Matthew- Mixing Engineer "Unlearned", Jasper James- Producer/Record/Mix co-write Album "Vibrator", Jasper James- Producer/Record/Mix co-write single "Rocket", Lydia Baylis- Producer/Record/Mix co-write EP "Those Green Flowers", Lydia Baylis- co-write Album "A Darker Trace", Anomie Belle-co-write Single "Slither", Andy Hilfiger- Mixing Engineer Single" Gimme Back", 100's of TV commercial compositions including: Canon "i Can" Director: Tony Kaye, Amazon "Agent Orange" Director: Tony Scott, other spots: Adidas Lexus Sam Adams Budweiser L'Oreal GMC Dyson Lipton Philips Verizon Neutrogena Kia.... Filmscoring credits Include "Paris Not France" Director: Adria Petty
Associated/Partnered With: music licensing
Skills & Accomplishments: Logic Pro, Programming, Recording,Mixing, Production. Skilled in both live and electronic music production, Use of Analog Multitrack Tape Machines Studer,Otari,MCI etc... and Large Format Consoles Neve, SSL, Amek Harrison, etc...


Software: Logic 9, NI Komplete 8, Waves Platinum, Many other synths and plugins