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The Scoop

Oktaven Audio specializes in classical, jazz, and acoustic music recording. With a 1,000-sq. ft. live room, a stunning Hamburg Steinway D 9’ concert grand, a world-class collection of microphones, preamps and outboard gear, and a variety of amps and instruments, Oktaven offers a comfortable and sophisticated atmosphere in which to record.

ROOM RATES with ENGINEER (hourly): Contact for Rates
Clients/Credits: American Contemporary Music Ensemble (ACME), counter)induction, Gotham Chamber Opera, International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), JACK Quartet, Claire Chase, Reiko Fueting, New Focus Recordings, Max Barros, Rafiq Bhatia, Alex Overington, Dustin O’Halloran, Jacob Greenberg, Vicky Chow
Associated/Partnered With: New Focus Recordings
Key Staff / In-House or Associated Talent: Ryan Streber, Jessica Slaven
Special Features: Two Steinway Concert Grand Pianos- Hamburg D and New York D, Classical Music Recording, Extensive Library of Scores and Urtexts


Consoles, DAWs, Tape Machines: Pro Tools HD2, Apogee AD-16X, DA-16X, Studer 903 mixing console, Dangerous Music D-Box, Mackie Control Universal, M-Audio Lightbridge, M-Audio Firewire 1814, Otari MX5050 (stereo 1/4" reel-to-reel)
Live Room Dimensions: Large: 751 – 1,200 sq ft,
Outboard Gear: API 3124+ (4 channels), API / ATI 8MX2 (8 channels), Avedis MA5 (2), Burl Audio B1, Oktaven-built Redd47 (2) all-tube preamps based on the historic EMI / Telefunken REDD preamps, John Hardy M-1 (4 channels), Millennia HV-3D (8 channels), Radial X-Amp (reamp), Radial JDI (2), TnC ACMP-81 (Neve 1081-inspired), Shadow Hills GAMA (2), (2) Alta Moda AM-10 compressor/limiter, Alta Moda AM-20 EQ, Amtec Phanzen stereo compressor / limiter, API 527, API 550A (2), Crane Song IBIS stereo mastering EQ, Oktaven-built Pultec EQP1A (2), dbx 165A, dbx 163X, Inward Connections DEQ-1 stereo mastering EQ, Pendulum OCL-2 stereo optical compressor / limiter, Schmidlin Fed+ vari-mu compressor (based on the Federal AM-864/U), Thermionic Culture Phoenix, TnC ACMP-81 (Neve 1081-inspired), Bloo LA-2A Teletronix LA-2A clone, G-1176 Limiting Amp (2), G-SSL Mixbuss Compressor (2), Toft AFC-2 stereo Trident 80B-style EQ/mic pre, FMR RNC (2), Bricasti M7 V2, Orban 111b stereo spring reverb, 4ms Triwave Picogenerator, Ensoniq DP/4, Boss RE-20 Space Echo
Microphones: Brauner VM1 (2), Flea 49, Groove Tubes GT-44, Lucas CS-1 (2), Oktaven M49, Oktaven U47-GT, Neumann CMV563, Sony C37A, Telefunken Elektroakustic ELAM 260, Wunder CM7-GT, AKG C 414 EB, DPA 4006 (2), DPA 4023 (2), DPA 4061 (4), DPA 4099b, Gefell UMT-70 (3), Josephson C42, Kel HM-3C, Neumann Gefell MV-692, Neumann KM-84i (2), Neumann KM-88, Neumann KM-140 (2), Schoeps CMT-341 (2), Schoeps CMT-44, Schoeps CMT-56n (matched pair), Sennheiser MKH-8040 (2), Telefunken M280, AEA R84, AKG D12E, Beyerdynamic M160 (3), Coles 4038 (2), EV n/d 257, Heil PR-22, RCA 77D, Royer R121 (2), Royer SF-12, Sennheiser MD-441, Telefunken USA RM-5C, Audix D6, Shure SM-57 (3), Shure Unidyne III (2)
Monitoring: PMC TB2S-As, ADAM S3As, Focal CMS Sub, Tannoy Reveal 501as, Hear Technologies Hear Back system (1 hub, 5 mixers)
Software: Pro Tools HD 8.0.4, Pro Tools 9, Reaper, Logic Pro 8, DDP Creator, iZotope Rx 2 advanced, Live 7, Reason 3, Sibelius 6, Peak Pro 6, Melodyne 3, Altiverb 6, iZotope RX 2, iZotope Alloy, iZotope Spectron, iZotope Ozone, iZotope Trash, iZotope Vinyl, Pro Audio DSP Dynamic Spectrum Mapper, Abbey Road / Chandler Ltd EMI TG 12413 limiter, TG Mastering EQs, Brilliance Pack, Massenburg Design EQ, Sound Toys TDM Bundle V4, Sonnox Dynamics, Sonnox EQ, Sonnox Inflator, Sonnox Transmod, Sonnox Restoration, Sonnox Limiter, URS Classic Console Equalizers and Compressors; Massey Tape Head, Massey DTM, AAS Modeling Instruments (Lounge Lizard, Ultra Analog, Tassman, String Studio), Arturia ARP 2600, MiniMoog, Analog Factory, Bomb Factory plug-ins (all), PSP Delays / Nitro, Antares Auto-Tune 5, Focusrite D2 / D3, Waves IR-1, NI Kontakt 3, Vienna Symphonic Library Opus 1, FX Percussion, Harps
Instruments & Amps: 9’ Hamburg Steinway D concert grand piano, Gibson J-45, Epiphone Sheraton, Fender SRV Stratocaster, Fender '72 Telecaster Custom reissue, Fender '53 "Sting" P-Bass reissue MIJ, Martin B-1 Acoustic Bass, Paul Reed Smith McCarty, Yamaha Recording Custom Drumset, '60s Ludwig Supraphonic Snare, Yamaha 'Peter Erskine' 12" snare, Pearl 'Chad Smith' signature snare, DW / Pacific wood hoop snare, Ampeg SB12, Ampeg SVT-15E, Orange Dual Terror head, Orange PPC 112 cabinet, Fender Champion 600, Fender Blues Junior, Marshall JTM45 (1962 "Bluesbreaker") RI loaded with Weber AlNiCo "Bluedogs", THD Hotplate (8 ohm) , Custom Weber 6A20 ('65 Fender Deluxe Reverb clone)