New York

PonderRosa Studios

  • 144 Warbasse Junction Road
  • Lafayette NJ 07848
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The Scoop

Our sound studio retreat has been meticulously designed with top end studio gear. Our 2,600 square foot music studio is equipped to accommodate every genre of sound mixing and mastering, from voice recording, to 10 piece bands, to the solo artist. The studio has a 3 bedroom apartment upstairs.

ROOM RATES with ENGINEER (hourly): Contact for Rates
Special Features: SSL XL Console


Consoles, DAWs, Tape Machines: SSL XL, Pro Tools HDX
Live Room Dimensions: X-Large: 1,200 sq ft or more,
Outboard Gear: BAE 1073 Module (2), Empirical Labs EL8X, BAE 312B Matt Sorum (2), Cartec Audio Eqp1a, Rupert Neve 5024 4 Channel, BAE 312A (2), Rascal Audio Two-V Stereo Pre, Millennia HV-3C, True Systems PT2-500 (2), Daking MicPre IV, A Designs P1 (2), Presonus ADL600 Stereo Pre, Rupert Neve MBP
Microphones: Peluso P67 Tube, Peluso P2247 SE Tube, Peluso P12 Tube - Matched Pair, Peluso P84 - Matched Pair, Royer R121 - Matched Pair, Sennheiser MD 421 (6), Coles 4038 - Matched Pair, Audix D6, Shure Sm7b, AKG C414 XL II - Stereo Pair, AKG C214, Shure Sm57 (6)
Monitoring: Genelec 8050A, Genelec 7070A Active Subwoofer, Yamaha NS10M
Software: Pro Tools HDX 11, Altiverb 7, Waves Horizon, Sonnox DSP Bundle HDX, Brainworx V2 Hybrid, Sound Toys Native, Ozone 5 Advanced, SPL DrumXchanger, Slate Trigger Deluxe, Melodyne Studio 3, Slate VBC, Slate VMR
Instruments & Amps: Yamaha C7 Concert Grand Piano, Hammond C3