New York

Sound Spa Productions

The Scoop

"Sound Spa Productions" is the recording enterprise of Stephen DeAcutis a veteran Engineer/mixer/multi instrumentalist who's strengths lie in bringing out the highest level of musicianship in every artist and capturing and documenting heartfelt and honest performances.

ROOM RATES with ENGINEER (hourly): $60-80,
Clients/Credits: Corey Glover, Glenn Burtnik, Laura Brannigan, Bebe Buell, Demi Lavato, Kenny Aaronson,
Special Features: 42 Input Neve 5088 equipped with 41 channels of Martinsound Flying Faders. An extensive mic and outboard collection. I also have a very impressive instrument assortment that I have collected over the years.


Consoles, DAWs, Tape Machines: 42 Input Neve 5088 with Martinsound flying faders 2 MCI JH 16-24 1 Waves L2 Apogee Big Ben Apogee ad-16x 2 Apogee da16x's Motu 2408mk3 Motu 2408 mk1 Motu 308 Pentium 4 Macbook Pro 17 Running Pro Tools 9 teamed up with 36 I/O of Apogee conversion AD/DA" 19 inch lcd Pentium III 850 17 inch Samsung LCD Dual Video Monitors 300 GB hard drive 364MB RAM ADB Multiwave pro 24 Digital I-O RME 96-52 Digital I-O 3 Nuendo 24 Bit 8 I-O's 1 Nuendo Tomelock Pro Word Clock Generator 1 Aardvark Wordclock Distribution Station Cranesong Hedd 24 Bit AD-DA Yamaha 400t CD Burner
Live Room Dimensions: Medium: 351 – 750 sq ft,
Outboard Gear: 2 Neve 33114's, 1 Chandler Germanium, 2 Amek 9098's,2 Audio Technologies Tube Mic pres,1 Sytek 4 channel w/ 2 channels of Burr Brown, 1 Aurora Audio GTQ 2 MK3,1 Cranesong Flamingo, 8 Neve 5032's,24 Neve 5033,1 Chandler Zener 1 Shadow Hills Mastering Comp,1 API 2500,1 Dramastic Audio Obsideon SSL type,1 AL.SO Dynax 2,1 OCL-2 Pendulum Audio,1 VSC-2 Vertigo Sound Mastering Comp,4 Channel SPL Transient Designer 1 Elysia Mpressor,1 Pendulum Audio pl-2 Thermionic Culture Phoenix,1 Alan Smart C-2 SSL Type Comp,1 Joe Meek SC-2 1 Neve 83046 33609 original design 2 EL-8 Distressors British,2 Audio Technologies Tube Links 1 Audio Technologies mono Tube Link 2 EAR 660's,4 DBX 163's w/Audio upgrades mod, 1 Fatso Jr.,1 Cranesong STC-8,1 Ashley SC-50
Microphones: 1 Neumann U-47,1 Neumann U-87,1 Neumann KM-54,1 Sony C-800G,1 Sound Deluxe U-95,1 Rode Classic Tube,2 AKG 460's Audio Upgrade Mods,1 AKG 45,2 AKG C-5900's,1 AKG D-112,2 AKG D-3400's 4 Shure SM-57's,2 Shure SM-58's,2 Shure Beta-57's,2 Shure Beta 56's,1 Shure Bul1et Shure Beta 52,3 Shure 98's 3 Shure 91's,2 Shure KSM 32's,1 Audio technica 4033,1 Audix I-5,1 Audix D-6,1 Audio Technica atm-25,1 Beyer RE-201,1 Sennheiser 421,1 shure VP-88 Stereo,1 shure SM 7,1 AT 4060 Tube
Monitoring: 5.1 capabuility's,JBL LSR 28P'sX5.jbl lsr 25'sX3,Tannoy PBM 8's With Yamaha ns10's,2 JBL LSR 12 Subs, Urie 811's 828 Crossover
Software: Nuendo, Pro Tools Logic, Wavelab, Sound Forge, CD Architech
Instruments & Amps: 1 CAA OD-50 Classic Plus 1 Hiwatt DR103 1 Komet Concorde {Dave Friedman Mod} 1 Matchless HC-30 1 Komet 80 2 Marshall JCM-800 50 watt Heads 2 Vintage Marshall 4x12 25 watt Greenback Cabs 2 Vintage 2x12 Marshall 60 watt Cabs vintage 30's 1 Port City 2x12 OS cab w/Scumback m75 and H75 combo 1 Port City 1x12 OS cab w/Scumback H75's 1 Vintage Blonde Tremolux 2X10 Cab 1 Avatar 2x12 w/WGS v30's 1 Marsh JTM 45 Dirty Shirley Mod 1 Bogner Shiva 1 Custom cabs 1x12 w/Private Jack 1 4x10 lobo guitar cab 1 John Suhr Badger 30 Combo 1 Orange Modified Tiny Terror 1 Vox ac 100 very old 2 Fender Tremolux's 1 black 1 blonde 1 suped up Fender Bassman Jay belinsky modded 1 Amgeg modded Gemini 6 1x15 1 Lonewolf Stevie D model 1x12 combo like a trainwreck/plexi 1 Modified Fender Twin (Channel 1 is a beefy twin. Channel 2 is a plexi circuit modded by Jay Belinski) 1 a&b 1x12 cab vintage 30 1 Vintage Ampeg SVT Head 1 Hartke 4-10 Cab 1 Leslie 147 with combo pedal 1 83 Les Paul 1 79 Strat 1 90 Tele 1 Original BC Rich Bich 10 string 1 Yamaha 12 string acoustic 1 Rare Charlie Stringer 6 string acoustic Lottsa pedals including some cool snarling dogs stuff Uncle Albert Tube DI Fender Rhodes Yamaha 52" ux3 Upright Yamaha 8 piece drum kit WPaste cymbals 1 Alex Attenuator 16 Ohm