New York

The Scoop

Steve is an engineer & producer based out of northern NJ. He is a 2007 graduate of Berklee’s Production & Engineering program, honing his skills with studies in analog & digital recording, mixing, and mastering. He has crafted his art through assisting such consummate engineers & producers as Ron St. Germain & George Massenburg, among others.

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Clients/Credits: Living Colour, DMC, Wiz Khalifa, Pop Evil, Will Calhoun, Jadakiss, Estelle, Bob Babbitt, Scarface, Alex Marshall, Bill Warfield, Chance Taken, Chris Bowen, Cosmic Debris, Dave Cavalier, Detonator, Dive, Don Kincaid, Doug Wimbish, Enemy of Everyone, The Glickman Bassoon Ensemble, Greensky Bluegrass, Hazard Adams, Infamous Plague, Jay Watts, Mike Shiavo, Off The Record, Reese Chubbs, Sendero, Sick Mind, Six Years After, Skylar May, Soulbite, The Space Puppets, Sun 5, Will Ferguson, With Snack, and The Vetts; composers Chris Opperman, Donaldo Garcia and Zac Armgard; institutions such as The New York Philharmonic, Berklee College of Music’s Performance Division, the Ringwood Friends of Music, and the South Shore Conservatory; producers and production companies including Adrian “Dr. A-Hawk” Melendez, Caté, Carlos McKinney, Grand & Warren, Jim Bonnefond, Junior Sanchez, Lofey, Marcos Carnaval, Myles William, Pierre Marceau, Rich Fabrizio, Rick Iantosca, Sharif "Reefa" Slater, Tony Solis, ATM, Chino Music Group, DUMP Records, En Victoria Records, EP Entertainment, M2P Records and Urban Legendz, commercial work for Adidas and Icebreakers, and has even worked in post production as a sound fx editor for Miramax’s “Gone, Baby, Gone”
Skills & Accomplishments: Steve is an AES fellow, a BMI songwriter and Voting Member of the Recording Academy.


Consoles, DAWs, Tape Machines: Pro Tools 11HD, Logic Pro 9, Ableton Live, Lynx Aurora converters, Apogee Rosetta, Avid MC Mix, Dangerous 2 bus LT
Outboard Gear: Avalon VT747 comp, 4x DBX 160x, 120xp, 2x 163x, 2x 263x 2x Chameleon Labs 7602 xmod, 7720 comp, 7802 comp, Electrix Filter Factory, Mofx, Warp Factory, Focusrite Red 2 eq, 2x Furman PQ3 eq, Joe Meek SC2.2 comp, Vc5 eq, Line 6 Mod Pro, Groove Tubes Supre, 2x Meyer CP10 eq, Moog MF102, MF103, Pioneer SR202 spring reverb, UA 6176 pre, 525 eq, Radial DIs and reampers
Microphones: 2x AKG c414B-XLS, D12e, 4x Audix D2, D4, 2x D6, 2x i5, 2x SCX25a, Beyer M88, Blue Blueberry, 2x Spark, 2x Cascade Fat Head, 2x M Audio Sputnik, RCA 77D, Rode m3, 2x nt5a, nt4, Sennheiser e609, 2x Shure SM57
Monitoring: JBL LSR4328 with LSR4312 sub, Yamaha NS10m, Presonus Central Station
Software: Pro Tools 11HD, Logic Pro 9, Ableton Live, Waves, Sonnox, Soundtoys, Antares Autotune & Avox, Celemony Melodyne, Ik Multimedia, Izotope, Plug & Mix, Slate