New York

The Scoop

The Garden creates uniquely powerful music using analog & digital tools including an SSL AWS console, a remarkable collection of outboard & analog synths, a sample library of killer sounds, Pro Tools v11 HDX, Logic, tons of cool plugs & VSI's, and Studer tape machines. The drum sound is killer & the ability to capture and mangle is limitless!

ROOM RATES with ENGINEER (hourly): $40-60, $60-80, Contact for Rates
Clients/Credits: Staff engineering, mixing, & production credits include Alex Chilton, Dave Sardy, D'Angelo, Emily King, Chris "Daddy" Dave, Willie Nile, Matthew Sweet, Alan Vega, Lloyd Cole, Don Cherry, Richard Lloyd, Barkmarket, Alex Alexander, Tommy Mandel, Carlos Alomar, Bernie Worrel, Bob Quine, Fred Maher, Mike Thorne, and too many others to list.
Special Features: Talented & experienced people recording & mixing as an art of engineering & musical collaboration to find the next great sounds and create the next great record. A high-end private project studio where you can relax, play, explore, and experiment with analog synths, tubes, tape, & limitless digital tools and focus on making compelling music that sounds like nothing else in this world. We bring history's finest analog gear & limitless digital technology together in a uniquely powerful way to help you create sonically compelling music; and our drum sounds are absolutely killer- live, sampled, or both.


Consoles, DAWs, Tape Machines: SSL AWS900 SE+ v4 with automation (AFADA), total recall, & complete tactile control of both Pro Tools & Logic DAWs expanded to 40 channels- 40 analog channels plus add'l 12 input SSL X-Rack & 14 input tube Fat Bustard, PT v11 HDX with 48 analog I/O with Burl ADC & clock, Logic Pro v9, Ableton Live v9, Studer A80 MKII, Studer A810, Studer A807, Revox PR99HS
Live Room Dimensions: Small: 350 sq ft or less,
Outboard Gear: (2) Neve 1066, (2) Neve 1073, (2) Neve 1084, (2) Shep 1084 , (2) Neve 2264, Shep 33609 (all vintage with marinairs), EMI TG1, (2) Retro 176, Retro Sta-Level, Retro 2A3, UREI LA2a, (2) LA3A, (2) LA4, (2) API 312B, (6) 550A, (4) 550B, (2) 560B, (4) 554, API 2500, Burl B2 ADC, Federal AM864, AT-101, GML 8200, Hardy M1, Langevin Mini Massive, UA 550A, Mercury EQ-H2, Mercury EQ-P1, BAX EQ, Dept. of Commerce Limiter, Smart C1, SSL G384, (8) Telefunken 796EQ, UREI 1176 blue stripe, Culture Vulture, (2) Mohog 1176, (2) Distressor EL8X, Drawmer ds201, (6) Electrodyne 511, (2) Helios 69, (6) Quad Eight 611, Lexicon PCM41, PCM42, PCM70, PCM92, MX300, AMS RMX16, AMS 15-80s, Bricasti M7 & M10, Eventide 2016, H3000D/SE, Eclipse, AKG BX20e, (2) Fulltone, (4) MXR Flanger/Phaser, Compex ADR-f760, Fearn VT-7, (2) Wunder PEQ2R, A-Design Nail, Transient Designer, Elysia Xpressor & Nvelope, (2) Valley Dynamite & Gain Brain, Trident 9066EQ, Standard Audio Levelor
Microphones: (2) Neumann U87, (2) Neumann U64 tube SDC, Flea U47 tube LDC, Flea C12 tube LDC, Wunder CM7fet, (2) Gefell M930, (2) AKG 414, (2) Neuman KM184, (2) Neumann KM183, (2) Coles 4038, Akg D12E, Royer 121, (2) Sennheiser 421, (4) SM57, Shure SM7b, Sound Delux e49 tube w/M7 capsule, AKG 451, RCA DX77, EV RE20, Sennheiser 441, Heil PR40, Kel HM2D, EAE R92, Sennheiser E906, SE VR1
Monitoring: Barefoot Sound MM35, Genelec 1030A, Yamaha NS10M powered by B&K 442 200w per side twin mono-block with Dynaudio M9 sub woofer, Avantone mix cubes, Tivoli mono 3" radio
Software: Pro Tools v11 HDX, Logic Pro v9, Ableton Live v9, NI Komplete 7, Arturia Omnisphere & Trillian, Abbey Road, Amplitube, Waves Platinum, Izotope, Massey, Oxford, Melodyne, Sound Toys, Kontact 4/5, Battery, Drumagog 5, eMastering
Instruments & Amps: Gretsch Drums (3 kits), 12 snares, 2-Martin Acoustics, Fender P-bass, Strat, Tele, Gibson Les Paul Gold Top & Les Paul custom, Fender amps- Twin, Blues Jr, Bassman, Marshall JCM800, GK bass amp, Leslie cabinet, vintage Arp Solina Strings, vintage Wurlitzer, vintage Clavinet Duo, Hohner String Melody II, Korg M-1, Korg MS2000, Korg Triton, Korg Wavestation, Yamaha Piano, Axiom M49 controller, Sherman Filterbank 2, Dave Smith Mopho, Analogue Solutions Station X & Y, Rodec Sherman Restyler